The program will include Keynote Speakers, Paper and Poster Sessions as well as Round Table Discussions.

rca 2018 conference

Thursday, 27 September and Friday, 28 September, 2018

27 September, 2018 Start 9:00

28 September, 2018: End 18:00

keynote speakers

detailed program

paper sessions


keynote speakers

Sigrid Brell-Cokcan Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, RWTH Aachen, Individualized Production - "Robots in Architecture"
© Margitta Buchert Margitta Buchert, LUH Hannover, Architecture + Art - "In-between realms"
Christian Derix Christian Derix, Woods Bagot, Sydney, SUPERSPACE - "From Big Data to Big Automation:
how much architect will remain in the practice of the future?"
Michael Hensel Michael Hensel, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Research Center - "Architecture in dynamic interaction"
Caitlin Mueller Caitlin Mueller, MIT Cambridge, Structures - "Digital structures"
Eike Roswag-Klinge  © Daniela Friebel Eike Roswag-Klinge, TU Berlin, Natural Building - "Designing natural buildings"

paper sessions

We will have 12 paper sessions in three parallel sessions, with 4-5 short presentations (15 Min.) in each session. Each session ends with a discussion of the presented papers. The discussed paper sessions will be also included in the discussions at the end of each day.

poster session

Exhibition during the whole conference with presentation and discussion on Friday, September 28th, 2018 - 12:30.

discussions: Research Culture in Architecture

Georg Vrachliotis Moderation: Georg Vrachliotis, KIT Karlsruhe, Theory of Architecture

detailed program

Thursday, 27 September, 2018

09:00 Registration & coffee

10:00 Welcome

10:15 Keynote lecture Rethinking Architectural Design and the Built Environment
Michael Hensel, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Parallel Paper Sessions 
A1 Practice and Research 
B1 Architectural Space and Perception
C1 Architectural Education

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Keynote lecture: In-Between Realms
Margitta Buchert, LUH Hannover 

14:45 Keynote lecture: From Big Data to Big Automation: How Much Architect Will Remain in the Practice of the Future?
Christian Derix, Director, Woods Bagot SuperSpace, Sydney

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Parallel Paper Sessions 
A2 Design Methods: New Approaches 
B2 Material and Construction 
C2 Architectural Space and Human Body 

17:30 Coffee break

18:00 - 19:00 Discussion 1: Research Culture in Architecture

Moderator: Georg Vrachliotis, KIT Karlsruhe

Margitta Buchert, LUH Hannover
Michael Hensel, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
Christian Derix, Woods Bagot SuperSpace, Sydney
Maria da Piedade Ferreira, Peter Spitzley, Ulrike Weber, FATUK

20:00 Dinner im “TwentyOne” Rathaus Kaiserslautern, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1

Friday, 28 September, 2018

09:00 Parallel Paper Sessions
A3 Architecture and Visualisation
B3 Digital Timber Construction
C3 Sustainability and Climate Approaches 1 

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Keynote lecture Designing natural buildings
Eike Roswag-Klinge, TU Berlin, Natural Building

11:45 Keynote lecture Digital tools and structural design
Caitlin Muller, MIT Cambridge

12:30 Poster Session

13:00 lunch

14:00 Keynote lecture Individualized Production in Architecture
Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, RWTH Aachen

14:45 Parallel Paper Sessions 
A4 Mathematical Design Approaches 
B4 Robotics in Timber Construction 
C4 Sustainability and Climate Approaches 2 

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Discussion 2: Research Culture in Architecture

Moderator: Georg Vrachliotis, KIT Karlsruhe

Eike Roswag-Klinge, TU Berlin
Caitlin Muller, MIT Cambridge
Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, RWTH Aachen
Cornelie Leopold, Christopher Robeller, Peter Spitzley, FATUK

18:00 END

paper sessions

Practice and Research - Architectural Space and Perception - Architectural Education - Design Methods: New Approaches - Material and Construction - Architectural Space and Human Body - Architecture and Visualisation - Digital Timber Construction - Sustainability and Climate Approaches 1 - Mathematical Design Approaches - Robotics in Timber Construction - Sustainability and Climate Approaches 2

A1 Practice and Research

Tomas Ooms: Public Debate: Public Interior: Circular Economy: Forms of Exchange: Approaching the Reconversion of an Iconic 1966 Office Tower in Brussels

Charlott Greub: Making Architecture Public - The Architecture Exhibition - an Environment for a Radical Redesign of the Discipline

Marcin Luczkowski, Steinar Dyvik, John Mork and Nathalie Labonnote: Digital Workflows for Timber Free Form Structures - Gamification of Architectural and Engineering Design

Ragunath Vasudevan, Till Schneider, Kai Otto and Klaus Bollinger: Practical Researchitecture - On the Role of Research in the Context of an Architectural Practice

B1 Architectural Space and Perception

Beatrix Emo: Why Evidence-Based Methods are Useful for Architectural Design

Holger Mertins, Barbara Mertins, Renate Delucchi Danhier and Ansgar and Benedikt
Schulz: The Role of Expertise in the Perception of Architectural Space

Michal Berkowitz, Beatrix Emo and Andri Gerber: Does Space Matter? A Cross-Disciplinary Investigation upon Spatial Abilities and Spatial Knowledge of Architects

Giulia Vismara: Sound as a Space Generator

C1 Architectural Education

Angelika Jäkel: Collaborative Tools. Adaptions from the Educational Sciences to Research in Architecture

Bernd Sum and Alexa Maria Kunz: Research Architecture | Architectural Research – a Seminar Concept for Research-Oriented Education of Architecture Students

Carola Ebert: Learning from Problems We Do not Have. Research-Based Learning as a Didactic Method and its Potential for Fostering Research within Architectural Education

Moritz Dörstelmann, Daniele Santucci and Ferdinand Ludwig: Prototyping Based Research Methodology and Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Teaching

Nandini Oehlmann, Bettina Kraus and Mathias Peppler: Werkstücke – Making Objects into Houses / Understanding by the Way of the Hands in Design Teaching

A2 Design Methods: New Approaches

Pradeep Devadass, Martin von Hilchen, Sven Stumm and Sigrid Brell-Cokcan: Re-Informed Design Process: Understanding Robotic Fabrication Constraints and their Influence on Design

Joost Meyer and Federico Garrido: Dexterity Controlled Design Procedures

Luise Rellensmann and Jens Casper: Making Heritage: Das Garagenmanifest

Steeve Sabatto: Architectural Engineering and Military Building Systems. A Little Inquiry about an Alternative Archeology of Theory of Organization and Systems Analysis

B2 Material and Construction

Shuyin Dong: Technological Solutions and their Determining Factors in Sealing Wooden Granary in South China

Christian Weisgerber, Reiner Klopfer and Jürgen Graf: Acetylated Beech in Structural Timber Constructions

Roman Polster, Lucas Büscher, Wigbert Riehl and Heike Klussmann: Botanical Concrete: Novel Composites for Urban Greening

Felix Lowin and Jutta Albus: Architecture without Architects: Rough Implementation Strategy / Supporting Residential Construction by Precast Building Systems

C2 Architectural Space and Human Body

Maria Da Piedade Ferreira, Jose Duarte and Andreas Kretzer: Embodied Emotions: a Methodology for Experiments in Architecture and Corporeality

Helle Braband: Dance with Space – Animate-Configuring

Katharina Voigt: Referring to … Whom?

Liselotte Vroman and Thierry Lagrange: Design to Move, Move to Design: an Interdisciplinary Approach for Designing an Architectural Choreography

A3 Architecture and Visualisation

Agostino De Rosa: Blindness of Seeing. On the Origin of Images

Dirk Huylebrouck and Ljiljana Radovic: Non-Classical Perspectives and Architecture

Shilong Tan, Yuxin Yang and Luigi Cocchiarella: AR&VR, New Tools for Architecture 
Design and Architectural Visualization

Cosimo Monteleone, Rachele Bernardello, Paolo Borin, Isabella Friso, Andrea 
Giordano and Federico Panarotto: Cultural Dissemination and Interoperable 
Management of Architecture

B3 Digital Timber Construction

Steffi Silbermann, Hoa Nguyen, Daniel Kohl, Prof. Dr. Stefan Böhm, Prof. Philipp Eversmann and Heike Klussmann: Textile Architecture for Wood Construction

Jan Brütting, Julieta Moradei, Corentin Fivet, Aliz Fischer and Nick Sherrow-Groves: Reconsidering Traditional Timber Joinery for Sustainable Structures

Miro Bannwart: The Gravitational Pavilion - Simplified Node Complexity

Hans Jakob Wagner, Dominga Garufi, Tobias Schwinn, Dylan Wood, Simon Bechert and Achim Menges: Fibrous Timber Joints for Lightweight Segmented Hybrid Timber Shells

Dennis Röver: Densified Veneer Wood Reinforced Timber Joints

C3 Sustainability and Climate Approaches 1

Gerard Finch and Guy Marriage: Circular Economy Architecture: A Design-Led Approach

Klara Bauer: Opportunities and Barriers for Insulating Materials Made from Renewable Raw Materials - an Overview

Viktor Poteschkin: Potentials of Cross Laminated Timber Production Waste for the Production of Components in Timber Construction; Recycling of Cross Laminated Timber Production Waste

Sherif Abdelmohsen, Passaint Massoud, Rana El-Dabaa, Aly Ibrahim and Tasbeh Mokbel: A Computational Approach for Soft Adaptive Building Skins Using Hygromorphic and Thermobimetal Composites

A4 Mathematical Design Approaches

Toni Kotnik: Architecture as Science of Structures

Hao Hua, Jiacheng Wang, Biao Li, Tingli Jia and Peng Tang: Pythagorean Carpenter

Cristoph Dijoux, Alexander Stahr and Martin Dembski: Form Finding of Grid-Shells with Straight, Equal Line-Length Rods

Efilena Baseta, Clemens Preisinger and Klaus Bollinger: Geometry-Induced Variable Stiffness Systems: Application in Self-Organized Wooden Grid-Shell Structures

B4 Robotics in Timber Construction

Samuel Leder, Ramon Weber, Oliver Bucklin, Dylan Wood and Achim Menges: Towards Distributed in Situ Robotic Timber Construction

Andreas Thoma, David Jenny, Matthias Helmreich, Augusto Gandia, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler: Cooperative Robotic Fabrication of Timber Dowel Assemblies

Benedikt Wannemacher and Philipp Eversmann: Intuitive Path Planning for Robotic Timber Beam Assembly

Bahar Al Bahar, Abel Groenewolt, Oliver Krieg and Achim Menges: Bending-Active Lamination for Spatial Timber Structures: Robotically Fabricated Components with Continuous Fibre Alignment

C4 Sustainability and Climate Approaches 2

Sabine Hoffmann, Gabriela Celani, Maikol Yabuki, Caio Otoni Gomide and Watson Loh: Affordable Application of PCM for Passive Indoors Temperature Control in a Tropical Climate

Rosaria Revellini, Francesca Cappelletti and Massimiliano Condotta: Parametric Design for Bow-Windows Optimization According to Natural Lighting

Christoph Kuhn: Research Project Dammerstock 2020

Isabell Schütz and Felix Waechter: The Biorealistic Approach in the Settlement Architecture of Richard Neutra


List of Posters for the Exhibition

Aden, Samira; Rebecca A. Milhuisen, Dr. Muhammad Kalim Kashif, Udo Bach and Heike Klussmann:
Dye-Sensitized Concrete – Solar Power from Concrete

Barczik, Guenter; Gesa Königstein and Nikolai Roskamm:
Teaming, Taming and 
Teeming: Teaming up people for Taming Complex Problems by Creating Environments Teeming with Possibilities

Brütting, Jan; Gennaro Senatore and Corentin Fivet:
Re-Use in Architecture and 
Structural Design

Burke, Ricky and Alejandro Veliz-Reyes:
Designing Dementia Environment Design: 
Exploring Alternate Contemporary Cultures of Residential Care Space Design

Cannaerts, Corneel and Holger Hoffmann:
Grounding Associative Geometry

Elgammal, Takwa; Ammar Kalo and Roberto Naboni:
Phase Change Fabrication: 
Highly Textured Concrete Panels

Ferrari, Margherita:
Headmade. The Transformation of the Wood Manufacturing

Hemmerling, Marco:
TransDigital - A Cooperative Educational Project between 
Architecture and Crafts

Leoni, Fabrizio:
Leisure / Hospitality / Exhibition. Three mixed-use Projects for Milan, 
Olbia, Sanya, at the Frontier of Teaching, Researching and Professional Design

Liu, Luyi and Luigi Cocchiarella:
Lifestyle Landscape Architecture - A 
Retroactive Research on Chinese Scholar Gardens

Pfänder, Manuel:
Tailored Precast Concrete Structures

Rellensmann, Clara and Alexander Römer:
Studio Bagan – Building in Heritage 

Schindler, Bruno:
Sine ars scienzia nihil – The Balance of Forces in the Choir Hall of Aachen

Schröder, Torsten:
Translating the Concept of Sustainability into Architectural Design 
Practices: London's City Hall as an Exemplar

Tish, Ghaith:
Massive Furniture out of Foldable Modules

Turchi, Thiago:
Residential Scale of Brasília: the Architectural Model as a Tool to 
Understand and Analyze the Spaces of the Superquadra

Vandenbulcke, Benoît:
Savoir-faire/faire savoir : How to Engage Architecture Practice 
as a Research Tool?

Zheliazkova, Maia:
Human-Architecture Interaction for the Performance-Driven Design of Acoustic Surfaces