paper sessions

Practice and Research - Architectural Space and Perception - Architectural Education - Design Methods: New Approaches - Material and Construction - Architectural Space and Human Body - Architecture and Visualisation - Digital Timber Construction - Sustainability and Climate Approaches 1 - Mathematical Design Approaches - Robotics in Timber Construction - Sustainability and Climate Approaches 2

A1 Practice and Research

Tomas Ooms: Public Debate: Public Interior: Circular Economy: Forms of Exchange: Approaching the Reconversion of an Iconic 1966 Office Tower in Brussels

Charlott Greub: Making Architecture Public - The Architecture Exhibition - an Environment for a Radical Redesign of the Discipline

Marcin Luczkowski, Steinar Dyvik, John Mork and Nathalie Labonnote: Digital Workflows for Timber Free Form Structures - Gamification of Architectural and Engineering Design

Ragunath Vasudevan, Till Schneider, Kai Otto and Klaus Bollinger: Practical Researchitecture - On the Role of Research in the Context of an Architectural Practice

B1 Architectural Space and Perception

Beatrix Emo: Why Evidence-Based Methods are Useful for Architectural Design

Holger Mertins, Barbara Mertins, Renate Delucchi Danhier and Ansgar and Benedikt
Schulz: The Role of Expertise in the Perception of Architectural Space

Michal Berkowitz, Beatrix Emo and Andri Gerber: Does Space Matter? A Cross-Disciplinary Investigation upon Spatial Abilities and Spatial Knowledge of Architects

Giulia Vismara: Sound as a Space Generator

C1 Architectural Education

Angelika Jäkel: Collaborative Tools. Adaptions from the Educational Sciences to Research in Architecture

Bernd Sum and Alexa Maria Kunz: Research Architecture | Architectural Research – a Seminar Concept for Research-Oriented Education of Architecture Students

Moritz Dörstelmann, Daniele Santucci and Ferdinand Ludwig: Prototyping Based Research Methodology and Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Teaching

Nandini Oehlmann, Bettina Kraus and Mathias Peppler: Werkstücke – Making Objects into Houses / Understanding by the Way of the Hands in Design Teaching

A2 Design Methods: New Approaches

Pradeep Devadass, Martin von Hilchen, Sven Stumm and Sigrid Brell-Cokcan: Re-Informed Design Process: Understanding Robotic Fabrication Constraints and their Influence on Design

Joost Meyer and Federico Garrido: Dexterity Controlled Design Procedures

Luise Rellensmann and Jens Casper: Making Heritage: Das Garagenmanifest

Steeve Sabatto: Architectural Engineering and Military Building Systems. A Little Inquiry about an Alternative Archeology of Theory of Organization and Systems Analysis

B2 Material and Construction

Shuyin Dong: Technological Solutions and their Determining Factors in Sealing Wooden Granary in South China

Christian Weisgerber, Reiner Klopfer and Jürgen Graf: Acetylated Beech in Structural Timber Constructions

Roman Polster, Lucas Büscher, Wigbert Riehl and Heike Klussmann: Botanical Concrete: Novel Composites for Urban Greening

Felix Lowin and Jutta Albus: Architecture without Architects: Rough Implementation Strategy / Supporting Residential Construction by Precast Building Systems

C2 Architectural Space and Human Body

Maria Da Piedade Ferreira, Jose Duarte and Andreas Kretzer: Embodied Emotions: a Methodology for Experiments in Architecture and Corporeality

Helle Braband: Dance with Space – Animate-Configuring

Katharina Voigt: Referring to … Whom?

Liselotte Vroman and Thierry Lagrange: Design to Move, Move to Design: an Interdisciplinary Approach for Designing an Architectural Choreography

A3 Architecture and Visualisation

Agostino De Rosa: Blindness of Seeing. On the Origin of Images

Shilong Tan, Yuxin Yang and Luigi Cocchiarella: AR&VR, New Tools for Architecture 
Design and Architectural Visualization

Cosimo Monteleone, Rachele Bernardello, Paolo Borin, Isabella Friso, Andrea 
Giordano and Federico Panarotto: Cultural Dissemination and Interoperable 
Management of Architecture

B3 Digital Timber Construction

Steffi Silbermann, Hoa Nguyen, Daniel Kohl, Stefan Böhm, Philipp Eversmann and Heike Klussmann: Textile Architecture for Wood Construction

Jan Brütting, Julieta Moradei, Corentin Fivet, Aliz Fischer and Nick Sherrow-Groves: Reconsidering Traditional Timber Joinery for Sustainable Structures

Miro Bannwart: The Gravitational Pavilion - Simplified Node Complexity

Dominga Garufi, Hans Jakob Wagner, Simon Bechert, Tobias Schwinn, Dylan Marx Wood, Achim Menges, Jan Knippers: Fibrous Timber Joints for Lightweight Segmented Hybrid Timber Shells

Dennis Röver: Densified Veneer Wood Reinforced Timber Joints

C3 Sustainability and Climate Approaches 1

Gerard Finch and Guy Marriage: Circular Economy Architecture: A Design-Led Approach

Klara Bauer: Opportunities and Barriers for Insulating Materials Made from Renewable Raw Materials - an Overview

Viktor Poteschkin: Potentials of Cross Laminated Timber Production Waste for the Production of Components in Timber Construction; Recycling of Cross Laminated Timber Production Waste

Sherif Abdelmohsen, Passaint Massoud, Rana El-Dabaa, Aly Ibrahim and Tasbeh Mokbel: A Computational Approach for Soft Adaptive Building Skins Using Hygromorphic and Thermobimetal Composites

A4 Mathematical Design Approaches

Toni Kotnik: Architecture as Science of Structures

Hao Hua, Jiacheng Wang, Biao Li, Tingli Jia and Peng Tang: Pythagorean Carpenter

Cristoph Dijoux, Alexander Stahr and Martin Dembski: Form Finding of Grid-Shells with Straight, Equal Line-Length Rods

Efilena Baseta, Clemens Preisinger and Klaus Bollinger: Geometry-Induced Variable Stiffness Systems: Application in Self-Organized Wooden Grid-Shell Structures

B4 Robotics in Timber Construction

Samuel Leder, Ramon Weber, Oliver Bucklin, Dylan Wood and Achim Menges: Towards Distributed in Situ Robotic Timber Construction

Andreas Thoma, David Jenny, Matthias Helmreich, Augusto Gandia, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler: Cooperative Robotic Fabrication of Timber Dowel Assemblies

Benedikt Wannemacher and Philipp Eversmann: Intuitive Path Planning for Robotic Timber Beam Assembly

Bahar Al Bahar, Abel Groenewolt, Oliver Krieg and Achim Menges: Bending-Active Lamination for Spatial Timber Structures: Robotically Fabricated Components with Continuous Fibre Alignment

C4 Sustainability and Climate Approaches 2

Sabine Hoffmann, Gabriela Celani, Maikol Yabuki, Caio Otoni Gomide and Watson Loh: Affordable Application of PCM for Passive Indoors Temperature Control in a Tropical Climate

Rosaria Revellini, Francesca Cappelletti and Massimiliano Condotta: Parametric Design for Bow-Windows Optimization According to Natural Lighting

Christoph Kuhn: Research Project Dammerstock 2020

Isabell Schütz and Felix Waechter: The Biorealistic Approach in the Settlement Architecture of Richard Neutra